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Why mamboSchools?

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"Mobile, App, Mobile!“

Welcome to mamboSchools, Indiana’s most respected web services provider for K-12 schools.  We are excited to enter our 20th year creating and designing web sites.  As we meet with so many of our school partners and friends at the HECC conference, we like to take time to reflect on the past and discuss a roadmap to the future.

Many times, we get asked the question, ‘What sets mamboSchools apart from other web companies?” The answer is much the same today as it was when we were first creating mamboSchools in 2004 … "We provide the best personal service and support."   When you contact us asking for help or to implement a new idea, we listen and answer promptly. Our team strives to be the ‘techs’ down your hall, within the next building, or in a neighboring town.  You can’t put a price on quality support and it is a constant in all we do.

So what does mamboSchools see in the coming year .. what is ‘the buzz’ … what are  ’the trends’:
Mobile, App, Mobile.  Did you know that >75% of your school community is looking at your web site on a smartphone?  In addition to our mobile responsive websites, we proudly announce our iOS and Android App:  App Lite and App Pro.  Chat with us about adding App Lite or Pro to your existing web services.
Desire for Schools to Increase Social Media Use.  Capturing new social ‘followers’, showcasing positive events, and pushing site content to your feeds are keys to connecting to your community.
Streamlined, Easy-to-Locate Documents and Data Integration.  A school site  is less about the amount of content and more about organization and rapid access to multiple information resources.

In the coming months, we encourage all to learn how mamboSchools can make new connections with your school community.

David Brechbiel & Tim Morris
Co-Owners, mamboSchools
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