Why mamboSchools?

Locally owned and operated

mamboSchools is located in Monticello, Indiana.  Our team takes pride in assisting schools within our state to customize and create informative, modern, mobile-friendly web sites and apps.  mamboSchools hires local talent, living within our region and universities.

A reputation for quality 24/7 support

mamboSchools has supported  Indiana schools for the past fifteen years.   All employees, from our server technicians to our programmers, are tasked with providing support.  By helping and listening, we learn our clients wants and needs, apply this knowledge, and ultimately improve our service. 

Educators consulting with educators

The mamboSchools owners have a combined 79 years as classroom teachers, technology coordinators and administrators.  Every decision about our mamboSchools Web Service passes through our “education filter”.  This attention to the ‘education details’ provides your school community a tightly-focused service geared for Indiana schools.

Teacher-friendly applications

Our teacherPlace web application, one of the many applications found in the service, allows teachers to easily and quickly design web pages.   teacherPlace features point and click editing tools making it the easiest web page creator available.  In addition to web pages, teacherPlace builds blogs, document/link libraries, event calendars, and photo galleries! 

Your Goal ... Our Goal:  Improve home-to-school communication

Let Us Count The Ways!   A mamboSchools web site provides more communication avenues than any other web service:  teacherPlace, eMail, rss newsfeeds, multiple calendars, forms, school opening/closing status, announcement board, news articles, mass mailing, and social networking.

Explore, test, and implement new technologies

Your mamboSchools team reviews the latest technology trends.  We continually integrate ones holding the most promise to improve the overall look, functionality and communication tools within your site.   This year our focus is on inline web site editing.  We enable new technologies within every school site at no additional cost.

On Site Planning and Training

Your mamboSchools team wants your site to be a successful and integral method to market and communicate your message to the school community and visitors.  Your mamboSchools Team visits your school for a planning meeting and a training session for your web managers, administrators, and/or faculty.  Our team becomes a part of your team and we treat each site like it is our very own.

The Lowest Price Web Site and App Combo!

mamboSchools is a full-featured, all-inclusive, hosted web service designed for K-12 schools.   Our initial fees include planning, designing, legacy site transfer, training, implementation.  All schools receive a 50% discount on year two maintenance, that includes continued hosting, updates, and support.  In short, we are the best buy available.