The mamboSchools Experience

Step 1: Planning Your Web Site

1plan lg

Your mamboSchools team will schedule an on-site  meeting to:

  • meet your web team
  • review your goals and objectives
  • discuss the design process
  • discuss the build or construct process
  • discuss site navigation/marketing needs
  • develop the timeline toward site activation

Thoughout the meeting, we will learning about our framework and how our thirty web applications combine to form a powerful, rich web site and/or mobile app.

Step 2: Design Assistance

2design lgImages and Graphic Elements are important in every web site.  Our team wants your school community proud of their web site and mobile app.  Your distict marketing team may have new, fresh ideas on painting a cohesive message for site visitors and potential relocators.

Some of the items included in your design package are:
  • Site Colors
  • Mascot or Logo
  • Web Site Header or Section Headers
  • Home Page Slideshow or Imagery
  • Typography (Font Style)

Step 3: Constructing Your Site & App

3construct2 lg Your mamboSchools Team combines your design, navigation, and marketing information into a customized web site and app  While constructing your web site and app, your school team can send other data to round out your new site:
  • web articles
  • school images
  • school contacts
  • favorite web links
  • school documents and forms

Step 4: Moving and Transferring Your Legacy Data

4transfer lg In addition, to designing and constructing a site to your specifications, your mamboSchools team will also be moving or transferring information.  We know that information found within your old, 'legacy' web site is important.  This is data that may have been added recently or long-ago, but still is part of the fabric of your site and important to many community members.

mamboSchools will transfer this data and organize it within your site navigation.  Your new mamboSchools site and app will still have a fresh face, yet contain familiar information.

Step 5: Cloud Hosting Your Site & App

5host2 lg As your mamboSchools team shifts out of the design and construct phase, your web site is ready for initial review by your web managers and administration.  At this time, we install your new 'build' site on our state-of-the-art cloud servers.  Our Cloud Servers are scalable, reliable, and very responsive.  Whether it is being reviewed by a few or ready your entire Internet Community, our servers handle all requests and load pages with speed and ease.

mamboSchools does not enforce any quota or usage limit and considers 'the sky's the limit'.  We will expand your available resources as your need arises at no extra cost.

Step 6: On-Site Training

6train lg Your mamboSchools team believes the best web site training is accomplished at your school site, in familiar surroundings, using your hardware.  Using time-tested, hands-on training methods, your district or school web team is provided with the initial lessons to assist them from moving your site from 'build' to 'active'.

The normal training outline includes
  • Editing and Creating Web Pages
  • Adding and Updating School Forms/Documents
  • Adding and Managing Calendar Events
  • Media integration
Our mamboSchools training staff has over thirty-five years of experience in technology education.  Our staff has developed technology curriculum in K-12 schools and implemented technology change within all grade levels ... students, faculty, staff, and administration.


Step 7: Support Assurance

7support lg

The final step in the mamboSchools Experence is not final .. at all!  As your web team moves beyond your site/app 'grand-opening', our mamboSchools team stays with you!  It is our company's number one goal to provide you with the best support experience in the web service business.

You can connect us anytime, anyplace ... using our '10 Way to Support' methods.  Whether it in phone conferencing, online learning, webinars, eMail and chat ... we will continue to assist and teach.  We want every call and contact to feel as it you are contacting a colleague down the hallway or across your campus.

We promise to be prompt and courteous ... always striving to teach a new skill or find a solution, even a custom one, to solve your problem. 

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